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Legal Counsel for Business

Thank you for choosing OBLS to be your corporate counsel. It is a honor to be representing your business's interests. You may be wondering what do I do?

OBLS is a consultative Corporate Law Firm, focused on businesses and estate planning, by offering business advice to companies of all sizes. Of all attorney specialties, corporate lawyers are most aligned with the business world and corporate lawyers typically need to be just as comfortable in a boardroom as in a courtroom. Here is a closer look at what corporate lawyers do.

A corporate lawyer deals mainly in business transactions and contracts. We understand multiple aspects of the law and how it pertains to business operations. This can include contract negotiations, tax law, code compliance, financial reporting, and a whole host of other areas of the law. The corporate lawyer tends to be more collaborative than trial lawyers. They often work with lawyers from other companies to broker deals and ensure that everyone is complying with all local, state and federal applicable laws.

Corporate lawyers work closely with their clients to ensure that business risks are minimized and corporate functions conform to the law on every level. OBLS does this at the request of its clients instead of being present as "in-house" counsel to save clients time and money. You don’t need to be a corporate giant to take advantage of a corporate attorney. For example, a corporate attorney can provide valuable advice for an entrepreneur ready to open a small business.

The choice of the best legal entity for a business is crucial, and corporate lawyers have the ability to consider issues such as simplicity, tax consequences and liability. There are many other ways in which a corporate attorney can help a company, depending on the industry involved and the particular issue. Employment agreements, exit strategies, tax strategies and contracts are fairly common examples of areas in which corporate lawyers can assist a wide range of businesses.


The biggest factor for why Corporate Counsel is important is to make sure that the legal requirements of the business are met. We ensure that corporate documents are prepared, state and federal filings are made on time, and corporate governance is enforced.

You may wonder why these are important to day-to-day operations? In fact, they are crucial. Banks, Accountants, HR, and other personnel rely on the regulations and laws specific to each entity form (i.e. LLC, Corporation, Partnership, etc.) to make appropriate decisions on your behalf. Without the corporate requirements, you do not have an entity at all and lose the protections and advantages they provide.


OBLS is skilled at assessing the needs of each business and, at your direction, will actively engage your staff, third-parties, and leadership. Although we are outside counsel, we love to be "hands-on" for our clients; helping with the regular processing, negotiating, and completion of projects. 

Corporate Counsel can be an advocate in situations where relationships are important. It is really nice to make us the bad guy when the business and a close friend, family member, or neighbor are working together. You can always say, "my corporate counsel has advised me . . . " and let us take the heat for having made a prudent business decision.


There are too many ways that OBLS can support your business than we can put in one email. So think outside the box and give us a call. This keeps our services low-cost and efficient as we can actively respond to legal events. We can be an advocate, negotiator, sounding-board (protected by the attorney-client privilege for the business), and key-member of board, department, or other leadership committees. Corporate Counsel can be the biggest advocate for legal efficacy by providing training and education.

OBLS cannot do this without leadership support. OBLS does not take an active, day-to-day role in each of its clients because of the cost associated with having in-house counsel. Most of our clients like to save by having us close enough to answer the call when needed but not being required to pay the every day costs associated with in-house counsel. However, we love engaging our clients even further than most imagine. We always accept phone calls and emails. If the question can be answered without much research, we do not bill you for the time. If the question needs a thorough response, usually including additional research, then we do require that a fee be paid for our legal assistance.


Yes, I want this!


Click the button below and book a consultation with us! You can easily access our calendar and select a time that works for you. We'll discuss your situation and needs, and get you started right away. We can customize your Business Package to fit you and your business adventure! 

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