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Professionals &  Families

This estate planning package is a robust plan for those that have big dreams for their life ahead and want assurance that they can set out on new adventures and take risks.

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This is for individuals, couples who are recent college or vocational graduates,  have little ones (ie. building a family), and seasoned professional wanting to build their path to life freedom.  It is a great plan for someone who has or is building significant assets like a home, rental or vacation properties, business interests, investments (start ups,  stocks and bonds, retirement, and others), and other expensive or unique things (art, jewelry, firearms, etc), and want to solidify what needs to happen with it all. 


  • A Last Will & Testament (the "Will")*

  • Memorial Instruction

  • Financial Power of Attorney

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney

  • Docubank Card (If Desired)**

  • Advanced Directives

  • HIPPA Release

  • Organization and Planning around financial documents (Deeds, Titles, Life Ins. Policies, Business and Investment Interests, etc.)***

  • Includes 15 Years Maintenance Plan****

*Persons with minor beneficiaries will have a Springing Trust built in the Will, which is created to hold assets for minors upon the persons passing.

**Fee set by provider

***Additional fees may apply due to the complexities of each individual

****Maintenance includes minor changes to the plan such as updating the agent under power of attorney or your personal representative or changing a beneficiary's name. Additional fees may apply for redrafting or reorganizing assets. Your business may also develop succession plans regarding business interests you hold (inquire with OBLS about those details).

>>Mirror Documents for the Spouse in the Couple are billed at a special rate.

>> Unique Documents for the Spouse in the Couple are billed as a separate package.


Important notes:

  • Billed on production of first drafts of documents. [Consultations which do not result in document drafting are billed at attorney’s regular hourly rates.]

  • Copying, court fees, recording and filing fees, and overnight service delivery costs are not included in the flat fee.

Yes, I want this!


Click the button below and book a consultation with us! You can easily access our calendar and select a time that works for you. We'll discuss your situation and needs, and get you started right away. We can customize your Estate Plan to fit you, your family, and your adventure! 

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