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Blended Families & Single Parents

This estate planning package is carefully curated for for those who have blended families or individuals with children, having to plan around ex-spouses and other family-dynamic challenges.

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This Package is great for the blended marriages and single parents looking to protect their assets for their kids and grandkids while avoiding the hassle and problems related to your children's other parent. This plan is best when you have purchased some significant assets like a house, rentals, a vacation home, a business, and  other expensive things, to avoid in unwittingly ending up the property of you former spouse or in-laws.


  • Trust [Grantor]*

  • Last Wills & Testaments (the "Will")

  • Financial Power of Attorney

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney

  • Healthcare Directives

  • HIPPA Release [when extended family needs info]

  • Docubank Card (Fee per year set by DocuBank)

  • Memorial Instructions

  • Certificate of Trust

  • Funding Instructions & Limited Funding Support

  • Organization of financial documents (Deeds, Titles, Life Ins. Policies, Business and Investment Interests, etc.)

  • Includes 15 years maintenance plan**

*Some plans may include a Trust or Will; not always both.

**Maintenance includes minor changes to the plan such as updating the agent under power of attorney or your personal representative or changing a beneficiary's name. Additional fees may apply for redrafting or reorganizing assets. Your business may also develop succession plans regarding business interests you hold (inquire with OBLS about those details).


>> Mirror Documents for the Spouse in the Couple are billed at a special rate. 

>> Unique Documents for each Spouse in the Couple are billed as a separate package.


Important notes:

  • Billed on production of first drafts of documents. [Except for the Initial Consultation (which is free!), consultations which do not result in document drafting are billed at attorney’s regular hourly rates.]

  • Copying, court fees, recording and filing fees, and overnight service delivery costs are not included in the flat fee.

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