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We've spent countless hours, late nights and early mornings, researching the federal and state responses to COVID-19, so that we can talk with and advise you on what's best for you in your unique situation.

Before reading the resources below, 

check out this overview here.

resources for 


IRS Tax Rebate (Credit)—click here.


Expanded FMLA, Paid Sick Leave and Unemployment—click here.


Retirement, Federal Student Loans, and Mortgage & Eviction Protection

click here.

resources for 


Paycheck Loan Protection Program—click here.

4/27/2020 - $484 billion more approved!! Including $320 billion more for forgivable loans, $60 billion for Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL).

5/18/2020 - Small Business Association Loan Forgiveness Application.

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Loan Advance—click here.


Payroll, Health, Plans, and other Tax Creditsclick here.

other trusted


Other OBLS trusted resources: 

CoL&E has opened up its online platform  for independent contractors, gig workers and self-employed business owners to begin filing for unemploymentclick here.


The SurThrival Funding Guide for Business Owners, (Updated 6/10/20) courtesy of 3to5 Club.


Small Business Association Coronavirus Relief Optionsclick here.

Nebraska Business Loansclick here.

Colorado COVID-19 Responseclick here.

Denver Economic Development & Opportunity Small Business Emergency Reliefclick here.

Small Business Association CARES Act PPP Loan Calculatorclick here.

IRS Non-Tax Return Filer Application for Economic Impact Payments  — click here.

IRS Economic Impact Payments Information - click here.

Getty New Art Recreations - click here.

Does something here apply to you? 

Do you have questions and need trusted advice? 


I've got 30-minute blocks of time to talk with anyone who has questions regarding the options you have around COVID-19.

And, if you have questions about something else—creating your Estate Plan (very important right now), business related issues, contracts, etc.—we're here for you! 

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